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Our president, Toby Axelsson, started Covenant Homes Inc. in 2002 as a residential remodeling and construction company that has since grown to include our Commercial division, Covenant Buildings. Currently, we have a staff of 8 clean cut professionals, and we work with a large network of skilled, trustworthy subcontractors, handpicked for each project. Tell our staff what you need done, and we will supply and manage the best, most qualified people in the area, saving you time and a headache.

We call ourselves a comprehensive construction and facility management company, because we manage original construction, remodels, and commercial building maintenance; everything traditional contractors offer and more. Ordinarily, if a business owner wanted a sink installed, an office cleaned, and a parking lot repaved, he would need to contact and pay 3 different contractors. In addition to the stress of management, employers often have no way of maintaining quality control, and must simply trust that their contractors have done their jobs well. By utilizing Covenant Buildings, business owners only make one phone call and write just one check. In addition to our own capable staff, we work with a group of trusted local professionals hired as subcontractors and supervised by our experienced managers. Because of this, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving quality services for a reasonable price.

To see what our seasoned professionals can do for you, and what our past and current clients have to say, visit our commercial and residential pages.